GPS Monitoring For Business...3 Minute Set Up!
Know exactly where your people are while mobile- and support then as required. NO SET UP COSTS!

**Businesses Are Required To Manage The Safety Of Their Employees...Knowing Where They Are Is Just The Begining

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Why GPS Safety Monitoring Works For Businesses
Activity Orientated
Rather than spreadsheets and other systems that take fixed schedules and just display them on a map, GPS safety monitoring follows the employee/individual's actual movements
Universal Technology
A few years ago GPS monitoring was expensive and required specialised technology but now it is everywhere! Most individuals already have the technology, businesses just need to plug in
Multi Purpose
Knowing the whereabouts of a person is just the beginning. There are so many support and service enhancements a business can then provide, direct to the individual and the task/s they undertake
The New Business Model
More and more individuals are not going into a physical workplace, working from anywhere and everywhere, making their business and productivity more efficient but making them "out of sight"
Monitor The Health, Safety & Security 
Of People On The Move
Ideal For:
  • Mobile Workers - Those who are on the move don't work in an office
  • Business Travellers - For when they need to travel away from the office
  • Lone Workers - Working alone doesn't mean you can't be supported
  • Remote Sites - Away from support means you need special safety measures
  • And Many Other Situations...
Perfect For Business:
  • Multiple Workplace Sites - Leverage technology to support and monitor the welfare and safety of personnel
  • Contractors - Changing location on a frequent basis doesn't mean you can't consistently manage safety
  • Mobile Workforce - Even when people are on the go all day, you can support them and improve your business
  • Isolated Or Individual Work - Working alone doesn't mean without support. Technology aides management
  • And Many Other Business Scenarios...
Daily, Practical Applications
There are countless combinations and applications for location based reporting. We leave it up to you to chose what works best for your organisation, and we provide the technology and flexibility for businesses of any size to benefit
The Problem With Other GPS Tracking Services
Costly Set Up
Despite the existing technology, the business ends up paying for initial set up and activation for the service/s to work. 

With specialists and technology modifications required, this results in expensive set up and configuration costs for the business in the first year.
Dedicated Device
Some systems only operate with the use of a separate, dedicated GPS tracking device. 

This means individuals have to be assigned devices, remember to carry them and most importantly, remember to keep recharge them after use. Nearly everyone forgets!
Emergency Contacts
When activated or triggered, the emergency contact is often the service providers own reception service or management. 

This results in layers of communications and confusion as to who is monitoring, responding and managing those on the system at any one time. 
Not Customisable
While there may be certain features or functions that permit slight alterations, the business is locked to a generic operating system. 

Custom branding, personalised apps and other elements that make the system look like other parts of the business' own systems aren't possible.
Limited Mobile Use
Individuals have to have a specific mobile device or operating system to use the software or application. 

This limits the coverage of 'real world' users and in particular 'bring your own device' [BYOD] policy adopters, which results in very few being able to access or use the system. 
IT Restrictions
There are countless reasons why IT departments don't want or ban the application or access of third party software to their business operating environments. 

Lack of approval or access results in non-application of software or outright failure to install on employee or contractor devices as required. 
Annual Subscriptions
Providers require "micro business loans" a year in advance. That is, you pay for what you think you might use, a year in advance. 

Service fees are often based on individual users, regardless of how frequent they use it, resulting in high costs and low utilisation. 
Privacy Concerns
Employees freak out if they think their employer is monitoring their every move! 

With no control, no personalisation, no visibility, users are rightly suspicious or against the use of tracking systems, resulting in resistance or lack of use when recommended. 
System Administration
"Who manages what?" is a common problem, with administrative control and access unclear to users and managers alike. 

The result is dangerous safety management gaps and reasons for the process to fail because the system is closed off or not customisable for the business and its users. 
Sign Up/Activation
Even when all the obstacles and challenges have been addressed, the simple process of getting users signed up or onto the singular system doesn't work. 

Whether it is just a few people or thousands of individuals, the sign up and activation of multiple users is just too difficult or likely to fail for most. 
Safe Work Systems
Knowing Where Your Employees Are, Along With Providing Access To Management And Support [As Needed] Is A Key Safety Management Requirement For Any Businesses
The Benefits Of Travel Safety Monitoring
We have eliminated or solved all the major challenges for businesses, by providing a fast, scalable and cost effective solution for any business
Reduce Costs
Improved management and utilisation of technology reduces current expenditure.
Time Saving
Location based reporting saves valuable resources and management time
Safety Management
Not only is safety management a business requirement, it can improve productivity
Ensure that your business is providing a "safe work environment" for employees
Pay Per Use
No annual fees, subscriptions or up front costs. Only pay per user, per month.
Easy Application
Simply tap into the one device nearly every employee has already.
Location Focused
Gain insight and access to important personal safety and business data.
Global Reach
Regardless of where your business or employees are, use the same system.
Some Of The Features Include...
Customisable Functions
Not all businesses are alike, therefore they need the flexibility to alter systems to suit their needs and operations. 
We can customise functions in accordance with your business safety monitoring requirements.
Communications, monitoring and settings can be customised to suit your business or activities. With a range of pre-set options, users need only turn on their smart phone and leave the application running. Options include:

  • Emergency Notifications
  • Fall Detection
  • Location Updates
  • Status Reporting
  • Time Alarm
  • Custom Settings
  • Motionless Alerts
  • Pre Set Messages
Management Couldn't Be Simpler
Utilise the technology and feature-rich interface to manage the safety and wellbeing of your people. Options include:
  • Notifications - Two way communications with individuals and groups
  • Groups - Routine or one-time-use for managing one or more groups.
  • History - Complete record keeping and last known location support.
  • Real Time Monitoring - Know where people actually are, right now!
  • WiFi/Cell/GPS - Multi level technology for location and accuracy.
  • Geo Fencing - Alerts and notifications for entry/exit of selected areas.
  • Plus More...
The supervisor or management features and display can be customised to suit your business or operational requirements. 

Set up one or more individuals to view, manage, coordinate or communicate with mobile individuals
Custom Application
We can help you create and set up your very own application, for your business and users, along with registration within the respective app stores, so your business and users have all the benefits of an advanced system, without the development and management costs. 
Custom Branding
No one need every know that we provide the technology or services. Your business can fully customise the system with your own brand, resources and log in, whilst we administer the technology and provide technical support as required. 
Operations Management
Our team can assist in the management of people, activities or projects as required, along with integration into other key business functions as required. This might include 24/7 monitoring, support or technical advice as needed. 

Priority Set Up
Events may dictate that you need to get all or as many of your people onto a system on a priority basis. This means you need a fast, reliable and effective system to support the priority demand. We can add just one person or tens of thousands in the matter of minutes, if you need to move fast. 
Emergency Support
As part of the need for effective safety management, a capable emergency or priority support system is also essential. We can also provide a fully integrated, dedicated emergency support system as an extension to Travel Safety Monitoring. 

Self Managed
We give your company and your management the keys to the kingdom! You and your team can take full management and administrative control over your system and support your people and operations as you require.  

Additional Enhancements Include...
Alarm Buttons
We understand that the GPS device may not always be convenient or accessible, so we configured the system to interact with a variety of alarm and remote communication devices.
With a variety of existing or custom devices. Options includes:
  • Bluetooth Button - Remote connectivity
  • Near Field Communications [NFC] - Time and attendance. 
  • Alarm Trigger - Pre set notification and alarm hardware
Hardware Integration
The system can also integrate compatible hardware options for enhanced utilisation, reporting and monitoring requirements. These select hardware options can form part of your wider safety monitoring system of focus exclusively on individuals and their life safety and security management needs. 
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Safety
  • Vehicles
  • Asset Tracking
  • Group Safety
Monitoring The Health, Safety & Welfare Of Mobile Employees Improves Business Operations And Manages Risks 
Pay-As-You-Go....Just Like Other Travel Expenses Such As Taxis, Meals, Flights...
Travel Safety Management and Monitoring Works
No matter where your employees are required to work, 
or the demographic of your business, 
we support you
In accordance with international workplace safety management systems, we can assist you and your business in providing an effective 'safe work system', even if your people or business is constantly on the move!
Get Personal Travel Safety Tracking Now!
Learn how you can share you location with family, friends and travel safety experts in less than 1 minute!
Common Questions and Answers
  • Do I have to be a member?
No! You don't need to join our "club", pay any subscriptions or pay up front fees. You can just buy what you need, when you need, only when you need it!
  • Is it for business travellers only? 
No. What was previously only available to business travellers, we have now expanded for leisure travellers such as families, holiday makers, students, backpackers and the like. Anyone that travels really. 
  • What is the difference between travel tracking and travel safety monitoring? 
Travel tracking systems are usually just spreadsheet data displayed on a map or better visual display. It takes scheduled information from an itinerary, calendar or list, and then populates a map-styled database. It doesn't change with the movements of a traveller or identify the exact location of an individual. We don't understand why a business would essentially use Google Maps just to display meetings, flights or travel itineraries, and call it travel tracking. It isn't.
  • Is this for domestic or international travel? 
Both. If you travel for business or leisure, you are changing the environment in which you are most familiar. Therefore, you need to reconsider the change in circumstances and the potential for you to be exposed to injury or safety concerns. This means that you can request a domestic or special project analysis, along with a more common international journey analysis. 
  • I'm a travel agent, can I offer this to my customers? 
Yes! We offer integration and reseller services [not to mention a healthy transaction commission] to travel management companies and travel agents upon request. Simply contact us for more information. And together, we can work towards providing your customers a more personalised and coordinated service. 
  • Who is Intelligent Travel?
Intelligent Travel is an international travel health, safety, security and risk management service provider, providing travel concierge services in this area of expertise. We have years of experience in managing the safety and well being of travellers around the world, along with provision of emergency support management for extreme and life threatening events such as natural disasters, physical violence, terrorist attacks, medical emergencies, travel disruptions and large scale evacuation operations. 
  • Is this just for travel?
Absolutely not. Any business that has mobile employees or people on the move can benefit from travel safety monitoring. 
  • Why would my business need this? 
All businesses around the world [laws and compliance varies from location to location] are required to provide "safe work environments" for their employees. There are no exemptions for travel. This means that even if they are not at your physical workplace or traditional office location, you still need to proactively manage and support their personal safety needs. This is what we do for businesses. 

Businesses get all the benefits of having their own in-house team of experts and resources, at a fraction of the cost and only pay for what they need, when they need it. 
  • Can I customise this for my own business and/or people? 
Yes, you can. You can customise what features are used or available for an individual, along with how it is utilised within your business by way of the management display. 
  • Will travel safety monitoring provide my business our "Duty of Care" solution? 
There is no such thing! Duty of care is a sub-set of safety management, and the provision of a "safe work environment". Therefore, there are many systems and processes that must work, both internal and external to the business business, in order for this to work. 

Don't be fooled by slick sales pitches, you can't outsource your travel safety management requirements. We provide travellers and businesses a lot to complete their safe work systems, but it is not 100% of your business compliance requirements because you have a significant role to play also. 
  • How is our business invoiced/billed? 
Monthly, based upon the number of users/profiles you have active within the system during the course of that month. You only pay for what you use. If you have an individual that isn't listed or using the system, they aren't included in your invoicing. So, your business can have 1 or 1,000 active users each month, depending on your activity and needs. 
  • Do you accept online payment/credit card?
Yes. Our online and ecommerce system can process most credit/debit systems. - an Intelligent Travel Product - All Rights Reserved 2013
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